Cool Apps For Deaf Kids!

Every year, some cool new apps come out that make our lives easier, more organized, and more fun! Smartphone and tablets, and the apps they use, can be helpful in lots of ways. Let’s check out some apps, old and new, made especially for deaf and hard of hearing kids!

The VL2 ASL Storybook Apps

Gallaudet University has created a collection of storybook apps that include both ASL and printed English words! Kids can follow along with the signs or the words, and the pictures are bright and fun.

The books include The Baobab, a story about a little girl who goes searching for a rare fruit that grows on the Baobab tree, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and The Little Airplane That Could, based on the classic tales, and The Blue Lobster, for younger readers. They also have an ASL/English storybook app that explores the solar system and its planets, called The Solar System.

Marlee Signs

This is a great app if you have some friends who want to learn sign language. Actress Marlee Matlin, from Switched at Birth, shows the signs, from the alphabet and words to common expressions. The videos are all nice and sharp, and let you go through the lessons at your own speed. You can even watch the videos in slow motion!


Signily is a cool new app that lets people send emails and texts in ASL. You can pick different levels depending on how good you are at ASL, so it’s a great app to learn with, too. Signily helps you get your message across in ASL, without having to translate it into English. Nyle DiMarco, of America’s Next Top Model, tweeted in support of the app, saying thanks.

ASL Animals

This adorable app helps teach American Sign Language while it also teaches about animals. It is meant for toddlers, and shows videos of cute animals and their babies, along with the name of the animal in ASL. Hearing kids can also use the app to start learning ASL!

What kind of app would you like to see created?

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