Meredith Eaton — Actress

When Meredith Eaton decided to try out for the movie Unconditional Love, she did it on a whim (for fun). She may have been the most surprised of all when she got the role, winning out over more than 500 other people. Meredith liked acting so much, she decided to follow her dream and try acting full time—and soon she was being offering all kinds of roles on different TV shows.

Meredith Eaton is famous for her role on the TV show Family Law, where she played a lawyer named Emily Resnick. She was also the first dwarf to play in a regular role in an American prime time series, and she helped open doors to more roles for little people. In fact, she says it was the fan mail she got during her role on Family Law that made her decide to keep acting. She realized she was making a difference in people’s lives.

Eaton says, “I’ve gotten, ‘Thank God, finally, you’ve played a lawyer, my daughter’s being taken more seriously. A woman came up to me and said, ‘You know what? I’m respected more in my workplace now. Thank you, thank you for giving me confidence.’ So I know I’ve made an impact in a positive way.”

Meredith Eaton was born with pseudoachondroplasia, and is four feet tall. Her mother has the same condition. Eaton had to have a lot of painful surgeries when she was young, including sixteen to help straighten her legs, but she kept her positive outlook on life. She says she owes her attitude to her parents, who always taught her, “Meredith, you are a person of short stature, you’re not a short-statured person.”

Besides her role on Family Law, Meredith Eaton also played a lawyer on Boston Legal, in a role that was written especially for her. She has also been on several other shows, and right now is playing a recurring (happening over and over again) role on Battle Creek, a drama/comedy on CBS.

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