Celebrate Deaf History Month

It’s Deaf History Month! Deaf History Month goes from March 13 to April 15, and is a time for celebrating important events and people in deaf culture.


There are lots of people who stood out and made a difference in deaf culture. Here are just a few to get you started!

Louis Long, Professional Wrestler

Louis Long, also known as The Silent Warrior, was born deaf. He was inspired to wrestler by his grandfather, who told him to “to overcome what others think, to buckle down and focus on schoolwork and to love wrestling.”

 Sue Thomas, Secret Agent

Sue Thomas was the first deaf FBI secret agent. She would read lips undercover, and report back to headquarters with the scoop!

Sean Forbes, Musician

Sean Forbes is a musician and founder of D-PAN, a group that makes ASL video versions of popular songs.


You can also celebrate Deaf History Month by reading a good book about deaf culture.

The Moses Books, a collection of books by Isaac Millman, K- 3rd

The Moses books are all about Moses and his friends, who are deaf. They go to different places together, like the Circus or a Concert, and teach ASL along the way!

The Deaf Musicians, by Pete Seeger and Paul DuBois Jacobs, K- 3rd

Follow along with Lee, a jazz piano player who meets Max, a saxophone player in ASL class. They become friends, and decide to form a band.

Deaf Child Crossing, Marlee Matlin, 3rd – 7th

Megan is deaf, and she and Cindy are best friends. But when they go to summer camp, they have to learn what friendship really means.

Important Dates!

The weeks from the middle of March to mid-April were chosen for Deaf History Month because of three important events.

April 15, 1817

The American School for the Deaf opens. It was the first public school for the deaf.

April 8, 1864

President Abraham Lincoln signs a law that allows deaf students to get degrees.

March 13, 1988

Gallaudet University elects their first deaf president, I. King Jordan.

How are you celebrating Deaf History Month?


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