Uber App Opens More Doors to Drivers

The ride sharing service called Uber is making some great changes. Uber is sort of like calling a taxi, except an Uber driver works on their own, and does not have to hired by a taxi company. The Uber app lets people who need a ride use a smartphone to find a nearby and trusted driver, and even lets them pay using their phone!

To use Uber, you have to have a smartphone and live in a city that Uber serves. When you want a ride to or from somewhere, you can use app and see who is available in your area. You can also see how much they cost and what types of reviews they have from other passengers. Then you make a trip request through the app and wait for your ride!

Now, Uber has gotten an app update that will make it even easier than ever for deaf and hard-of-hearing drivers to pick up passengers. Instead of just an audio alert, the new app will use a flashing light on the smartphone to signal to the Uber driver that someone wants a ride. Riders will also be able to communicate with the Uber driver through text, instead of a phone call, and the app will let the rider know that their driver is deaf or hard of hearing.

The company came up with the changes after talking with many of Uber’s deaf and hard-of-hearing drivers. One driver who helped make the new changes said that before the app update, he would send a text message to his riders to let them know he was deaf. Letting his riders know beforehand helped them talk with him more easily, because they knew to face him or use texting. But it also took up time and even caused delays when he was picking up a new rider. Now, he can get to his pick-ups much faster!

The new Uber app is being tested in four cites right now, and it will soon be available wherever Uber can be found!

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